Stereotypes are lazy, frozen in time, yet always in need of assertion. The stereotype has always already arrived, even before it is actually there. The riots 2012 in Pakistan’s major cities following the release of a film portraying the Prophet Mohammad showed them again: the stereotypical scene of crowds burning shops, yelling words that everybody knows before they are even uttered. The media has shown what we already knew about Pakistan, because this is what they always do. 
Far removed from what we hear in the news, this film portrays the life of an artist from Thando Allah Yar in the District of Sindh, Pakistan. Fakeera, a Hindu, is a successful sculptor of Hindu Gods and Goddesses for Pakistan’s Hindu temples. His story is unexceptional and thus introduces a side of Pakistan that many are not interested in portraying.  

The documentary shows the quiet life of an art loving man who teaches his Muslim apprentices the skill of creating remarkable images. is a film too unexceptional for the usual coverage on Pakistan.